The Avenger is a fast and powerful Frigate.



A classic Pre-Alpha frigate, the Avenger is a small ship with high maneuverability, making it great for hit and run attacks. It has three large engines on the back and a pair of cannon-like barrels that actually shoot phasers.


The interior of the Avenger is mostly empty. The back of the ship contains two seats with Star Trek style information displays. The cockpit also has displays that resemble those from Star Trek. The pilot's seat is pushed in extremely close to the displays. On the left of the seat is a set of six neon circles connected by lines in the faction color.


  • Fast, faster than the Raven.
  • Great ship for beginners.
  • Easy to remake in the event of it being destroyed.
  • Spinals are decent against shields and fire fast.
  • Great Turret firepower.
  • Has 1 more turret than the Raven and more speed.


  • Rather oversized for its class; it tends to get hit by larger guns more often than it should.
  • Terrible damage against hull.


Version History

  • Received a buff in version 61.g adding the two turrets.
  • Received a remodel in update ????


  • The Avenger was one of the first few ships in the game.
  • The Avenger has the largest interior of any frigate currently in the game.
  • The Avenger is used by Pirates near the Freedom Base.
  • The Avenger was normally going to have a Small Turret on top of it. But it got removed, then it got 2.
  • For the Example Ship in Roblox Studio, the Avenger model is used, but with the Small Turret.
  • Seems to be based on either the Type 8 Shuttle or Danaube Runabout from Star Trek, this is somewhat supported by the appearance of Star Trek Console screens in the avengers interior as well.

    Old Avenger Model

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