The Black Flare is a strong battlecruiser well-known for its tackling ability.



The Black Flare is a fast Battlecruiser. This battlecruiser relies on its small turrets to penetrate shield to allow for its rail guns to deal heavy damage. The flare has a decent healthpool, and a slim body making for good tanking ability.

The interior contains a hallway about half the length of the ship. There are seats and decorative screens along the sides, and two "cargo holds" sticking out on either side of the hall. The pilot's seat is located at the end of the hall, next two some glass on the floor.


  • Extremely high mobility, higher than some Cruisers.
  • High health.
  • High firepower, can dish out high hull damage and equally as much shield damage.
  • Good all-rounder.
  • High turn speed, higher than some Destroyers.
  • High hull for a Battlecruiser.
  • No weak spots


  • Expensive.
  • When fighting Battleships or above, you stand little chance.
  • Not a very good counter against the Razor Wing, as it has a mostly hull health pool.
  • Can easily be outgunned by larger ships or other Battlecruisers.
  • Requires you to face your opponent straight-on in order to have all your turrets be able to fire.


  • This ship is best used to support a siege fleet.
  • It's light lasers help fend off smaller ships, and its Spinals add shield breaking power that all combines to make a great siege ship.
  • When attacking a smaller vessel such as a Cobra or Sixfold get as close as you can so most of your turrets hit. The railguns are vital once their shield runs out so slanting forward slightly will help ensure more hits.
  • Use the Spinals. Usually, only two of the small lasers can hit and the railguns do low damage to shields. The spinal Phasers will help ensure a better chance of victory.
  • The high turn speed allows the Black Flare to quickly turn upside down to fire at enemies underneath.


  • The Black Flare originally had an engine room which ended up being removed due to part count and lag. During this time the Black Flare was known as the "Lag Flare" due to this.
  • The Black Flare got a remodel in the .55 updates due to its main model being un-editable to functionality.
  • The Black flare’s second model was actually intended to be an independent ship, but was made into the second black flare. Black Flare remodel
  • People often compare this ship to the Razor Wing.
  • The ship was reverted back to an optimized version of it's previous model in .61g due to the current model having a high part count.
  • It has a highly detailed interior.
  • There is a remodeled Black Flare for admins, now known as the Golden Flare.

    Old Black Flare Model

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