VIP Ship

This ship is a VIP ship and can only be obtained if you own the VIP gamepass.

The Carvainir is a heavy duty, VIP-exclusive Battleship with an extremely high cargo hold for its class.



The Carvainir is essentially a Freighter Class ship, considering its high cargo hold, but it is classed as a Battleship due to its weapons and size. The Carvainr is armed with Turrets and Spinals so it can defend itself from Pirates. It has the same cargo hold capability as the Prospector. Pirates are less likely to attack this ship. This ship is very expensive, has an average speed, and not a lot of hitpoints for its class. 




  • Warp to the wreck you wish to loot. If there is an enemy, quickly fire at them, but focus on getting the loot. Warp out once you get it.
  • Do not engage Capital ships if possible.
  • Trade using this ship if you're at war with a faction.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in .61g
  • Received 250 more cargo hold and another remodel in .61h(?)


  • The Carvainir was the first armed ship intended mainly for trading.
  • One of the rarest ships in the game, as few people notice or use them.
  • The first battleship to be VIP only.
  • The 2 Quotes on the walls of the first and current model are from Mr. Krabs in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The quotes are: "Five letter word for happiness? Money" and "We shall not refuse our guests even the most ridiculous request."
  • The name 'Carvainir' was provided by farterbotz the ex-Shipmaster. It was submitted as 'Caravan'.
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