The Corvid is a Turret-based support Destroyer.



The Corvid is a cheap destroyer with decent firepower and health. The Corvid boasts 3 Light Lasers and 2 Light Flaks, which can easily destroy most frigates or destroyers. It has decent speed and moderate health, making this a great starting warship for new players.


The entrance in the back leads to short hallway, eventually ending at the pilot's seat. If you continue going down you'll see a small door leading to an extra dock under the ship where the player can walk out.


  • Extremely cheap and expendable.
  • Great for countering aliens or frigates or other smaller ships.
  • Fast and agile.
  • Good turret firepower.


  • No Spinals.
  • Large body makes it an easy target for more inaccurate weaponry


  • Use this ship to defend bigger ships in a siege or anti-siege by destroying Fighters and Frigates.
  • Stay away from anything stronger than a Destroyer.

Version History

  • The Covid got a buff with extra Turrets and a lower cost in an unknown version.


  • Once considered useless, the ship is now more viable in PVP than it was before the buff.
  • Many players prefer the Cobra as it has 6 additional Phasers, but corvid is under half of the cost of the Cobra.
  • This is one of the most common starter ships.
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