The Cyclops was the first siege-focused Dreadnought that was added to the game.



The Cyclops was the first siege Dreadnought that was added into the game. It has decent shields, and 7 medium Railguns to take out bases safely.

The Cyclops is really similar to the Apocalypse with its turrets, except there is a Railgun instead of a Heavy Laser.

Cyclops has acceleration high enough to be able to target small ships, too.


The interior of the Cyclops is small with only a medium sized room with the driver's seat.


  • Powerful siege Turrets
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Fairly flat for its size potentially helping in dodging incoming fire when facing directly away or toward.
  • Cannons do extra hull damage in addition to turrets.


  • Expensive.
  • Vulnerable Bottom.
  • Cannot defend itself from small ships all too well.
  • Slightly lower cargo hold than most Dreadnoughts.
  • Struggles to deal with shield as it lacks lasers.
  • Slow speed.


  • Stay about 6300 units off and fire your Railguns. Get some escort ships to distract the base lasers if you want to get in closer.
  • Don't use this ship as a frontline tank as its shields will quickly get burnt down by heavy laser fire.
  • Some prefer this over the Apocalypse due to it having an extra railgun, a powerful spinal, and slightly better mobility.
  • Use this for finishing off hulled Starbases.
  • Try and find an ally with a Zeus as the combination will rip through shield and hull.

Version history

  • It received a buff to its spinal such that it fires 3 shots instead of just 1.
  • Received a buff to its interior in .60d1 that gave it an additional second floor
  • Received a nerf to its interior in .60h that removed it’s second floor and got remodeled too.


  • The Cyclops was the first siege ship to get into the game.
  • Currently the 2nd most expensive Dreadnought in-game.
  • The Cyclops has one of the smallest map icons. It sometimes can be confused for a battleship icon.
  • The Mothership was based on the cyclops.
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