The Falcon is a Fighter-class ship unique to the carrier Vanguard.



The Falcon is a unique Fighter-Class ship resembling its namesake that can spawn only in Carrier-class ships. It is a relatively normal fighter in speed and size, and is currently the 4th fastest behind Xenophile, Nighthawk, and Dragonfly. The Falcon only has one small Phaser, which is made up for by a very quick reload speed. Furthermore, the Falcon's low firepower is compensated by very high health for a fighter-class ship, even more than some Frigate-class ships.


  • Fast.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Highest health out of all Fighters. (Same total health as the Interceptor)
  • The one small phaser reloads very fast, allowing it to fire rapidly.
  • Higher health than some destroyers and frigates.


  • Relatively low firepower.
  • Susceptible to light Turrets.
  • Only two of them spawn in their signature carrier, the Vanguard. (Or randomly in the Hevnetier.)


  • Like any fighter, hide in a ship's blind spots.
  • Try to work together with multiple fighters to make up for the low firepower and to distract turrets.
  • Be especially careful fighting ships like an Ampharos, as it and others have many high-accuracy Turrets that can easily destroy even this high-health fighter.
  • Rotate the ship a lot to lower your chance of getting hit.
  • Slow down a bit when fighting smaller enemies.


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