Galaxy Rules created by the Galaxy Staff

  • Our Rules are the same as ROBLOX Rules. Rules also apply to Discord. You can be banned in-game for only breaking rules on Discord.
  • We will only be accepting Youtube videos as viable evidence instead of raw video files for rule breakers and refunds.

There are two kinds of offenses: Minor and Major

Minor/Major Offenses

  • Profanity.
  • Personal Insults.
  • Personal arguments in public chat.
  • Spamming and/or flooding chat.
  • Trolling, bullying, stalking, manipulating and harassing others.
  • Uncontrolled rage.
  • Asking real-life personal questions.
  • Excessive begging.
  • Advertising off-site links.
  • Ignoring admin’s instructions.
  • Racist remarks.
  • Advocating consumption of illegal substances.
  • Threatening or forcing others to comply with demands, stalking, lying, intimidation, and manipulation.
  • Botting and Multi boxing should only be done in vip servers, and if done in public servers, the bot/multi boxed accounts should only be in a single faction, if staff ask you if you are botting/multi boxing just be honest with them or at least message an admin with the truth, if you find a player using bots ask them to do it in a vip server and ask them to only own one faction on public servers, if someone owns more than 1 faction and doesn't open tell them to either open the faction or face having the faction despawned, right now bans are not given on this due to alt making.

Bannable Offenses

  • Use of :join command to despawn your ship in combat to avoid destruction. (This also includes any glitches that involve leaving the game to despawn your ship).
  • Going below or above the map to avoid ship destruction/bounty.
  • Reverse spinal firing in any ship with Spinals.
  • Removing parts of a ship or base to have an advantage.
  • Ramming or bumping ships to block docking.
  • Ramming or bumping ships to glitch speed in no-warp mode.
  • Ramming or bumping ships to glitch warp speed.
  • Using small ships to purposefully auto-fix bigger ships.
  • Jumping on ships to glitch or disable them. (Doesn't have to be in combat).
  • Playing loud audio sounds with the Music Gamepass, using it to disturb other players is bannable.
  • Warping into the Mega Base to avoid ship destruction.
  • Impersonation of staff, or of anyone else.
  • Scamming. (Trying to give in-game loans, promising out-of-game benefits.)
  • False Ship, stat loss and inventory item loss. We take this seriously.
  • False reports against Staff, Admin and other players. We take this seriously.
  • Inappropriate imagery. (Sexual innuendos.)
  • Exploiting using third-party software.
  • Exploiting an in-game feature that.
  • Repeating offense with an alt after getting banned. (Ban on main turns perm.)
  • Advertising pornography.
  • Abusing the Double Warp glitch.
  • Using the Instant war glitch to bypass the war timer.
  • Creating Alts to farm event ships and killing them for free loot/bounty.
  • Abusing updates and selling ships for more and buying it for less for credits.
  • Using instant despawn glitches to save your ship.
  • Raiding the Wiki, Groups, Discords, Etc.
  • Using gear to blow up peoples ships even if in the game. (Players included).
  • Using the M Class to block all terminals on a base.
  • Using your ship to push people out of a dock.
  • Encouraging illegal real-life acts (including suicide) verbal, mental and emotional.
  • Real-life personal threats.
  • Advertising scam sites/sites that ask for your passwords etc.
  • Purchasing kills with in-game items/off-game items. (Artifacts, bounty loot etc.)
  • Selling your ship while it is being destroyed.
  • Flying inside an M Class to avoid being hit by Turrets then attacking ships.
  • Canceling your order from the Galaxy store once you get the ship is fraud, which is illegal and you will be punished accordingly with a perm ban (appeal chances low) and the ship removed from your inventory.
  • Destroying a Starbase from the inside.
  • Spawning Prototypes at the Mega Base.
  • Pushing/Touching a player with your ship who is trying to jump on a starbase to despawn.
  • Causing mass in-game disruptions through harrasment or  toxicity.
  • Using any and all bugs to save your ship from destruction.

Staff reserves the right to update the Rules at any time. Post reports on the Galaxy Official Group with proof or send them to the Galaxy Staff or an Admin.