The Harvester was the first Miner to ever have a Warp Drive.



The Harvester was the first Warp capable Miner in Galaxy.

It mines at about the same speed as the Tango. Its smaller size makes it less of a target compared to the Tango, but it also travels a bit slower. It’s total health of 1200 divides evenly between hull and shields (600/600).


The Harvester has no interior other than a simple pilot's seat set against a slanted gray wall.


  • High mobility.
  • If under fire you can flee quickly.
  • Small, making it hard to aim at.
  • Fair speed.
  • If used while under the effects of New Player Immunity, you can mine without the risk of taking damage.


  • Low health pool.
  • Small ore hold.
  • No defense against anything.
  • Slow mining speed.
  • Slow acceleration and deceleration.
  • Aliens often target Miners.


  • Make sure to constantly check for hostile ships heading in your direction. Check your Minimap every 30 seconds.
  • There isn't much risk to being at War, as you can warp away to another area quickly, and because your ship is small, it likely won't be followed by a ship like a Dreadnought because of their slow speed.

Version History


Old Harvester Model

  • Received a remodel in version .56b.


  • The creator of the ship once called for the ship to be renamed, but it was refused. Had he been successful, this ship would be known as the Flevyrion.
  • Brings in about 937 credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 1687 credits.
  • Has a cult following (Harvesterism).
  • Was the first ever Miner to have a Warp Drive.
  • According to lore, a Harvester off course discovered Aqueous ll.
  • First Miner to ever have tiny mining lasers.
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