The Industrial Miner is a somewhat expensive Miner class ship with two medium mining lasers.



The Industrial Miner has the fourth quickest mining speed out of all the mining ships in the game due to its two medium mining lasers. The ship has very low shields, only be able to withstand several hits from medium and heavy weapons before it is destroyed. In appearance, the ship is long and appears to be made of multiple sections held together.

The Industrial miner's interior is a glass dome with some crates and a pilot's seat. There is a screen in front of the seat. It’s total health of health of 2250 is directed more towards hull than shield (750/1500)



  • Low shields and hull for it's size.
  • Can be easily destroyed if too far from Starbase/Megabase.
  • Slightly expensive.


  • Make sure you always check if any enemies are coming every 30 seconds, either by looking around or on the Minimap.
  • Always mine in a non-war faction so you can make sure you will be safe.
  • If in a war check where you are every 30 seconds to avoid hostiles.
  • If an Alien ship or an enemy ship is approaching you head back to base.
  • If an Alien ship is targeting your base and your out mining stay where you are.
  • If you have one, mine in a V.I.P Server to ensure safety from other players.
  • If mining at the Megabase, look for ores close enough for you to mine while docked.
  • Don't mine at Mega Base If you are at war and you aren't protected.

Version History

  • Industrial Miner-1

    Old Industrial Miner Model

    Received a remodel in version .56b.
  • Received a buff that increased its mining range by 50%.
  • Received a buff in .61e4 that doubled the ship’s health and added some damage resistance.
  • .61h1? - Warp drive added


  • It can take the Industrial Miner 20 minutes to get from the furthest point of the map to the other.
  • Looks like an upgraded version of the Tango.
  • Takes the industrial miner about 3 minutes to get a full ore hold of Silicate.
  • Brings in about 1875 credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 3375.
  • Used to be the biggest miner, before the Rorqual, Mammoth and M Class came.
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