The Invictus is a Cruiser class ship.



The Invictus is armed with Four Light Lasers and 2 Medium Phasers for Spinal weaponry, with a lot of seats. It has a total health pool of 1900, almost equaling Battlecruiser class health. The Invictus has a very slow speed of acceleration.


  • High durability of Hull.
  • Great against shields.
  • No blind spots.
  • Large cargo hold.
  • Great for support.


  • Slow acceleration speed.
  • Expensive for a ship requiring only a level 1 Warehouse.
  • No hull focusing weaponry.
  • Cannot Focus all Turrets on a target at once unless facing directly away/towards the target.
  • Low durability of Shields.


  • Excellent choice if you want to hunt down the Cobra since it has high hull, speed, and anti-shield firepower.
  • Use as support for ships that lack laser/phaser firepower.
  • When PVPing, always make sure you are exploiting the enemy's blind spot.
  • This ship can be strong against shield breakers, as it has high hull.


  • Named after the Latin word for  “unconquerable” or “undefeated."
  • Looks like a hawk or some species of bird.
  • Reskinned as the Icy during the Christmas 2017 Event.
  • There is a poem called Invictus.
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