The Leviathan is a Dreadnought class ship, the first of its kind to be added to Galaxy.



The once (And still) famous Leviathan features a sleek, stealthy design and excellent PVP capabilities, and is excellent for destroying crippled ships.


As of a recent update, the Leviathan now just has a teleporter on the back of the ship that takes you to a box room with a cube seat.


  • Excellent Spinal weaponry.
  • High health allowing it to tank for short periods if necessary.
  • Fantastic at PVP against Battleships and other Dreadnoughts.
  • Variety of Turrets with great placement.
  • Massive hull damage.
  • Very fast for a Dreadnought, only slower than the Slipstream.
  • Very affordable price for a Dreadnought.
  • Great at destroying crippled ships.


  • Bottom is lightly defended with one Dual Cannon.
  • Smaller ships are a huge nuisance if the pilot isn't highly skilled.
  • Slightly lacking in shield damage.
  • Below average cargo hold for a Dreadnought.


  • The Leviathan is an excellent PVP ship. The Turret layout and maneuverability make it difficult for other large ships to stay behind you.
  • Its maneuverability is best used for countering larger ships like Battleships and slow Dreadnoughts.
  • In a siege, always get into the Starbase's weak spots (when partial firepower is at use) and out-range the base's Turrets with your Huge Spinal Cannon.
  • Attack with support from smaller ships with the sole purpose of protecting the blind spot.
  • Most players with Dreadnoughts own and mainly use this ship, so if you want to stand out, use something else.

Version History

  • The Leviathan received a remodel and a buff in .58c, affecting its firepower, mobility, and a massive price buff.


  • Originally, its top speed was 70.
  • It was the very first Dreadnought to be added to Galaxy.
  • The Leviathan costs $48 USD If bought with Robux.
Old levi image

Old Leviathan Model

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