The Naglfar is a Dreadnought that specializes in shield damage.



The Naglfar is a Dreadnought with 4 Heavy Lasers and 2 Medium Lasers, making it a shield breaker Dreadnought.

Mostly used in base sieging, the Naglfar is an excellent choice for swooping in and destroying Starbase shields. Its Turrets will destroy the Starbase's shield in around 1 minute, and it's high speed allows it to dodge most enemy fire.


The Naglfar has no interior, much like the Cyclops had before it was updated.


  • Can burn down shields easily.
  • Decent firepower vs smaller ships.
  • Higher-than-average health and mobility.
  • High PvP capabilities.
  • One of if not the best base defence Dreads.
  • Able to out-range other ships, use this to your advantage.
  • Good all-rounder.


  • The low amount of kinetic weapons makes it hard to destroy hull.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Bad Turret placement against ships below its class.
  • No defense against small ships unless they go above you and are very close.
  • No interior, if you care about that.
  • High cost.


  • Get under your target at all times, due to all firepower being above the ship.
  • Have teammates with hull - killing ships to help after you destroy your target's shield.
  • Unless you are an insane pilot - If there is a Cobra or Cruiser that has ease getting under you, just do yourself a favor and don't try to fight it.
  • Always approach the target from underneath to ensure all your lasers hit.
  • Use the Spinal to significantly damage the hull of enemy ships.
  • It handles better then most dreadnoughts, but always be alert. If reinforcements arrive, accelerate to top speed, weaken their shields, and warp out.
  • You must not allow your shield to become depleted. If it does happen to go down, call in backup and warp out.
  • If there are any base defenders, focus on them first. They pose a greater risk to you and your fleet than the base.
  • Never tank in a siege, a Starbase would make short work of your shields.
  • Avoid ships with high mobility and heavy weapons, such as the Retribution and the Hawklight.
  • Work closely with your team when defending, especially if one of your team-mates is in a ship that's excellent vs hull to put ships out of action for a long repair, if not outright destroy them.

Version History

  • Remodeled in .61h1


  • Sometimes called a moving Level 1 Starbase, as it has the exact same turrets and almost same health.
  • Some people prefer the Sagittarius over this because it can support many different roles and has no blind spots. The Sagittarius is more expensive though.
  • The Tempest has better PvP capabilities, so most players that value PvP find the extra 37K to get the Tempest worth it.
  • The Slipstream is based on the Naglfar from EVE Online, and would've likely had that as its name if it wasn't taken by this ship.

Original Naglfar model.

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