The Nemesis is a powerful Dreadnought with both spinal and turret capabilities.



The Nemesis is a Dreadnought class ship designed for multi-purpose use. With its large variety of weaponry and very high damage output, it is a great all around Dreadnought, performing well in both ship to ship combat and Starbase sieges. It is recommended for players who can aim Spinal weapons well, as they are crucial to winning ship to ship battles. Overall, this is a great ship for experienced players.


The Nemesis has the most detailed interior of any ship in the game.


  • Good variety of Turrets for many situations and they do great damage to both enemy shields and hull.
  • Powerful Spinals can wreak havoc on enemy ships.
  • All Turrets have a good line of sight.
  • A great all-around ship that can siege and PvP.
  • High DPS.


  • Low health for a Dreadnought, making it better suited to supporting a fleet to deal damage, while another ship would tank the incoming fire.
  • Requires good use of its Spinal weaponry to prove effective.
  • Large blind spot underneath the ship.
  • Large hitbox.
  • Expensive for a dreadnought.
  • Vulnerable to smaller ships


  • The Nemesis is a good choice for PvP, as it has good acceleration and powerful Turrets that allow it to quickly enter into a stern chase or destroy a target that is above it.
  • Try to avoid ships with high maneuverability and speed as they can exploit the Nemesis' slow turning to get to its blind spot
  • Either above or come with an allied ship to cover your Nemesis' blind spot

Version History

  • Remodeled in .61h1


  • It used to have a huge interior, complete with a shooting range.
  • One of the ships to be chosen for the 2017 Halloween Event, its remodel is known as the Frankenemi. The Frankenemi still currently retains the Nemesis's original interior.
  • This ship took Lordmoneymonkey 21 hours to build.
    Download (3)

    The detailed interior of the Nemesis.

    Old Nemesis

    Old Nemesis Model

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