The Nighthawk is a fast but weak Fighter.



The Nighthawk is a fighter similar to the Xenophile, with more hull (150, to be precise) and 45 less speed, making it the third fastest fighter in the game. It only spawns in the Hevnetier.


  • Fast and maneuverable.
  • Small ship, making it quite difficult to destroy.
  • Can assist in wearing down enemy shields.


  • Spinals do little damage.
  • Low Health.


  • Work with other Fighters to take down ships in their blind spots.
  • Use with other Fighters to distract a Starbase's lasers in a siege.
  • Use its speed to scout a Starbase. You can jump out of the ship above the Starbase and stand inside and give information about ships and Starbase damage.
  • Avoid ships with high manuverability or lots of small turrets. Ships like the Ampharos, Tempest, and most Crusiers will easily take fighters down, especially at close range.


  • This ship is small enough to fit inside the docking ports of a starbase without getting hit. (Be Warned that this can be a bannable offense if you use it to destroy enemy starbases) Galaxy Rules.
  • Because of how rare it is to see these ships in Galaxy, many players are surprised to know it still exists. It is only known to spawn inside the Hevnetier, which itself is rarely used.
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