The Prototype X-2 is an enormous ship made by the Kneall.



The Prototype X-2 is the largest of all Alien ships seen in Galaxy and can be bought by players for 2 million credits. Players must first find the Kneall Harbor Master to be able to buy this ship.



  • No Spinals.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Slow turning speed.
  • Tied with the Prototype X-1 for the most expensive ship in the game. Costing a whopping 2 million credits.
  • 2.5k less Shield health than the Prototype X-1.
  • Not as good at sieging as the Prototype X-1.
  • Difficult to find the vendor for this ship.
  • Once destroyed, it becomes unobtainable, FOREVER.
  • Large, slow turrets leave it vulnerable to small, fast ships like Frigates.
  • As of .63c, players receive 500,000 credits for destroying this ship.


  • In a siege, try to gather support to fend off smaller craft.
  • This ship has the ability to be used as a hauler (which is not recommended, use a freighter for less risk of losing it) due to its large cargo hold.
  • This ship is a counterpart against the Prototype X-1. Use your speed to take advantage of the X-1's weak spot underneath the ship.

Version History

  • Received a shield buff, and gained 2500 shields.
  • Received Massive nerf removing 8 huge spinals for both Phasers and Cannons.


  • This ship originally was very OP, with a large amount of Spinals, but has since been nerfed.
  • This ship was armed with Prototype Turrets instead of Kneall Turrets before the remodel.
  • This ship has the largest explosion size (along with the Prototype X-1).
  • Custom, capital-tiered Turrets.
  • On random occasions the ship lets out a deep alien rumble sound.
  • The Prototype X-2 is roughly the same size as the Nyx.
    X-2 bridge

    The bridge for the X-2.

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