The Radiance is a Battlecruiser with a focus on Lasers and high speed.



The Radiance is a long ship with a barrel on the front and engines on the back. The whole front of the ship is taken up by the Large Cannon, with ridges on either side. The four Lasers are mounted on the top, bottom, and sides of the center area of the ship.


Once you go through the main entrance (in the back of the ship) you will see a long hallway with two or three different rooms. The end of the hallway opens to a small room from which the pilot controls the ship.


  • Unique Turret placement means no blind spots.
  • High energy firepower can burn down shields.
  • High mobility.
  • Great as an escort.
  • High acceleration, higher than the Black Flare.
  • Very effective against the Cobra, a common Pirate ship, or any other Pirate ship like it.


  • Lacks kinetic turrets, relying on the player to have good aim to deal damage to hull with its large cannon.
  • Lacks long-range weaponry, can only effectively attack anything within 4000 studs or less of it unless the pilot is very skilled at aiming Spinals.
  • Cannot focus all turrets on 1 target unless they are directly ahead.
  • Slightly lower health than other battlecruisers.
  • Cannot do much damage when chasing a crippled ship in warp, due to the lasers dealing poor hull damage.


  • It is decent for ship-to-ship combat, provided it is able to destroy the hull of the ship quickly, or else they will just warp away.
  • It is not very good against fighters, as the light lasers miss most of the time, and usually can't all fire at once.
  • Great for dealing with medium sized high shield ships, such as the Zero, Sixfold, or Cobra.
  • Similar in weaponry to the Dire Wolf, the Radiance is more optimized for dealing with smaller ships, while the Dire Wolf can fight better against larger ships.
  • This ship pairs well with the Razor Wing as it shreds shield while the Razor Wing is a hull destroyer.

Version History

  • 4 Light Lasers replaced with 2 Medium Lasers in .64d. Also gained 300 more shield health.


  • Some may see this as an old ship.
  • This ship is rarely seen used, even among new players.

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