The Reaver is an angular Cruiser with a focus on hull damage.            

    Not to be confused with the Reaper.


The Reaver is a light, cheap, and reliable Cruiser Class ship. It has two light flak turrets, two light lasers, and two small cannons. It is very nimble and has good maneuverability. It is also partly known for its luxurious interior. Its cost makes it viable to disposable usage for the few richer players, while still being cost friendly to newer players.


The interior contains a hallway with a table and two chairs. If you go further down you will see a counter, bed and later on the pilot's seat.


  • Very high maneuverability and good speed.
  • Good turret layout, great for attacking all kinds of ships.
  • Can dish out high hull damage.
  • Affordable price.
  • Looks good.


  • Rather low health, this ship can't take much punishment.
  • Can have trouble with enemy shields, as its only laser type weapons are its two light lasers.


  • Great as a cheap support craft, though if you're looking for firepower there are other better ships, such as the Sixfold.
  • It fares decently against one or two Fighters, but be careful with them as a group of them can take you down if you don't warp away.
  • Have this ship face the opponent so all the weapons can shoot it.
  • Never go fight alone against bigger ships.


  • It's description refers to it as a Mini-Hawklight, even though it's 2 classes lower.
  • Certain players refer to it as the "Reav".
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