The Rhino is a large and powerfully-armed carrier.



The Rhino is the fourth largest carrier in the game and has the third most fighters (compared to the Borealis).


Once you enter the red teleporter, you are teleported into the lower hangar. 8 fighters are in the lower hangar. There is also a ladder that lets you ascend to the higher hangar and the driver's seat. The higher hangar contains two fighters. If you continue to walk up, you will arrive at the highest point of the ship, with a weird sphere, which is surprisingly, the pilot's seat.

The turret placement allows for decent defense from any side of the ship except underneath.

The Rhino's lower hangar contains four doors, with two from each side. Each of these doors have an opening for two fighters. The Rhino’s higher hangar contains two doors, with one from each side. These doors have an opening for one fighter.


  • Many fighters.
  • High firepower with a custom fighter called the Frenzy.
  • High health.
  • Huge explosion size making it a nightmare for ships that are near it.
  • Good variety of small and medium Turrets.
  • High turn rate.


  • Extremely high cost.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Relatively slow.
  • Can't focus all Turrets on a single target due to positioning.
  • Only has 1 Cannon for Spinals.


  • Good for letting all of the team's fighter pilots have something to control.
  • The Rhino's exposed underside, slow speed, sub-optimal turret types, and awkward handling means it will need protection from a fleet, a base, or Mega Base invulnerability to survive any dedicated assault.
  • When sieging should stay out of range of base but turn sideways towards it to allow faster fighter release, also needs some Frigates and Destroyers as Escorts to defend against the Battleships and Dreadnoughts aimed at it.

Version History

  • It received a remake after being added in an unknown version.

    Rhino prior to remake


  • One of the only carriers with non solid fighter doors (on that note, you can walk through the doors, and pilot small ships into the ship)
  • Players call this ship a wall.
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