The Ridgebreaker is a Dreadnought Class ship designed specifically for sieging.



The Ridgebreaker is a long ship, mostly grey in colour. Faction colouring appears only on a few plates. All of the ship's Turrets are positioned up front around 4 Huge Cannons, which allows players to shoot all of the ship's weapons at one target if properly positioned. Towards the back of the ship there are four "arms" extending from the main hull that sharply turn towards the front of the vessel. The sides are covered in distinct armour plates in team's colour, resembling hangar doors (although the ship carries no fighters). Towards the back the hull narrows into a single engine.


The interior is extremely simple, as it consists of merely one room, entered via a teleporter located on the engine cover. The room's floor and walls are mostly coloured in faction's colour. Inside is a small elevated area with three chairs with screens (the one highest and with the most screens is pilot's chair) and a hologram table in the middle of room displaying a ship schematic.


  • High Spinal firepower that can wreak havoc on anything that is hit by them.
  • Extremely high health, 2nd highest hull health for a Dreadnought.
  • Powerful siege turret firepower.
  • Overall high damage output.
  • It can solo-siege a Level 1 Starbase and Level 2 Starbase if it is left undefended. It's possible to solo-siege a Level 3 Starbase
  • Can out-range bases with its Cannon Spinal and Heavy Railgun.
  • Highest cargo hold for a Dreadnought/PVP ship.


  • It's extremely slow, in fact the slowest Dreadnought in-game, with it being even slower than the Nyx.
  • Lack of Small Turrets makes it unable to fend off small ships.
  • Hard to turn and control.
  • One of the most expensive Dreadnought in-game, not including event and/or special Dreadnoughts.
  • Lacking shield damage.
  • Low shields.
  • All of the turrets are placed up front of the ship. This allows for all turrets to hammer one target, but creates blind spots.


  • Use it as the main tank in sieges for its massive pool of Hull.
  • Be careful not to waste the spinals, as nearly half of the damage it does comes from its spinals.
  • Be sure to bring a Shield Destroyer (like the Zeus) so that its Cannons and Railguns can start to do the most damage.
  • If alone, keep at a distance of 6.6k-6.7K to pick off the base using Spinals, and retreat when you see defenders incoming.
  • Due to its reliance on kinetic weaponry, this ship is best used when a foe's shields have been depleted. It may not be the best idea to be the one soaking up all the initial damage in a siege, as you will want as much health as possible last long enough to destroy the Starbase's hull.
  • A Combination of a Naglfar/Zeus(2 of them) and Ridgebreaker can be a big threat as they will dish out damage fast.
  • Your exceptional spinal hull damage can easily wreck hulled ships, giving you an advantage in diving.

Version History

  • Used to cost 130K but there was an economy update which lowered prices.
  • At one point most of its exterior detail was removed leaving some simple decorations in its place, and its living quarters were completely removed.
  • Recieved a massive buff in .61e4 that boosted cargo hold, health, and ship cost.
  • Remodeled in .61h1.
  • Recieved a Heavy Railgun in .65b.


  • The original model had torpedoes, which were removed prior to addition.
  • Its current model is based on Ragnarov Titan from "Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion" game.
  • Many players, even including admins like (oShadowWarrioro) have hugely disliked its current remodel, often because of it’s radical changes.
Cannon Comparison

Gunslinger vs Old Ridgebreaker Cannons


Old Ridgebreaker Model

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