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Welcome to the Roblox Official Galaxy Wikia!

This is the Official Galaxy Wiki, started by an Ex-Shipmaster of Galaxy and is now run by an Official Galaxy Admin, Sean Morabito with the help of the new Staff. This Wiki is up to date with Galaxy as it updates!


Any pictures or videos taken from the Galaxy Wiki (For example, using them in a YouTube video, etc) must be credited to the Wiki. Your video must (In the description, credits, etc) say that the image came from the Official Galaxy Wiki and you also have to add this link with the credit. Any images (Not Videos) you upload to the Galaxy Wiki will then be owned by the Galaxy Wiki. By uploading images to the Wiki you agree to these terms. Thank You


  • Moderator standards have been lowered to a minimum of 50 proper edits, interested members may apply to Seanmorabito.
  • The Example Ship Page has been updated to account for new content, please check and follow the instructions.
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  • A new update for Galaxy is out! It brings new ships and remodels!
  • Galaxy Wiki Roblox Group created!
  • Wiki Staff Page Remade along with the Music page mostly done! Download and listen to your fav Galaxy tracks or even sound effects!
  • Thanks to the help of the Owner of The Conquerors 3 Wiki, #wiki-activity has been set up and will log all edits from the Wiki to Wiki Discord!
  • Come join the Wiki Hub Discord where members from all other Wikis and their staff members can hang out!
  • The Galaxy Store has been created! (Real life merch). There is a promotion going on where if you buy an item and you send proof to Sean Morabito, you get a free unique Carrier! (Ends May 6-7th).

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The wiki has a Leaderboard with custom achievements made by Sean Morabito. The Leaderboard will show how many points each wiki user has and what place each user is in.

Basic Editing Rules

  • Follow the Example Ship Page as the format for all ship pages.
  • DO NOT add misleading information. Uncertain information is fine if denoted properly with a question mark.
  • DO NOT add redundant pages or unimplemented content unless approval is given by an admin.
  • DO NOT edit others' user pages without obtaining their approval.
  • DO NOT add new Category pages without permission. They are unable to be removed completely and will cause inconvenience.
  • Swearing IS NOT allowed on the Wiki whatsoever.
  • Please do not include creators of ships in picture captions, there is a place in the infobox for that.
  • Please use proper grammar and spellings.
  • Please separate the content into smaller paragraphs instead of 1 large paragraph.
  • Any vandalism will result in a ban.
  • When editing, use the full names of each ship. (e.g) Instead of Hawk write Hawklight.
  • DO NOT rename pages without permission.

Disobedience or breaking ANY rules will result in warnings, blocks, and bans depending on the severity of the offense.

Recent Activity

  • discussion page Talk:Aliens
    new comment by Albertthegreat101 1 hour ago
    Comment: a ridge is strong enough to destroy a punisher, unless you have bad aim with spinals, as the spinals do the most damage of the ridgebreaker
  • edit E Class
    edited by Cyan2950 1 hour ago diff
    Summary: Trivia:
  • edit M Class
    edited by Cyan2950 1 hour ago diff
  • edit Prototype X-2
    edited by Oblivion238 2 hours ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Tempest
    new comment by Oblivion238 2 hours ago
    Comment: It's not bad, i consider it to be the best dread in the game. it has high dps, can snipe bases, has protection against small ships, no blind spots.
  • discussion page Talk:Inquisitor
    new comment by TrainerWroyce 3 hours ago
    Comment: Electric tooth brush
  • discussion page Talk:Devestation
    new comment by TrainerWroyce 3 hours ago
    Comment: Named Devastation but it says MEDIOCRE FIREPOWER  ?????????????
  • discussion page Talk:Avalon
    new comment by TrainerWroyce 3 hours ago
    Comment: I’d imagine someone would just form a team of 4 Avalon and casually doing our own stuff and sees 4 dread icons coming O sh ALLAHU SNECKBAR
  • discussion page Talk:Prototype X-2
    new comment by TrainerWroyce 3 hours ago
    Comment: Sees a random centurion physically touching this Prot X2 moves for a bit SHOOTING STAR MUSIC
  • discussion page Talk:Hasatan
    new comment by ThunderJimmy 3 hours ago
    Comment: This model is kind of awesome, lack of quality interior is annoying though.