The Sabre Tooth is one of the fastest ships in Galaxy and is the fastest Destroyer.



The Sabre Tooth has no interior and 2 uniquely-shaped wings on both sides. It is the only ship with these sort of wings.


  • Extremely high speed.
  • High Spinal firepower.
  • Great for scouting.
  • Can distract a base very easily.


  • Low hull.
  • No Turrets.
  • Needs well-aimed user for spinals.
  • Very expensive for a destroyer; more expensive than some Cruisers.
  • Low hull damage.


  • The Sabre Tooth's fast speed makes it very frustrating for larger ships to hit it.
  • In combat, Viper may be the better choice, with lower cost, higher turn speed, and smaller size, making it harder to hit. This has longer range and higher health, however.
  • The ship can be used to scout the Mega Base, or in sieges scout what is surrounding the area of the Starbase that is getting sieged or scout what is surrounding the enemy base.
  • Very effective when it is parked directly into the weak spot of any large ship, with spinals blazing.

Version History

  • Received a nerf in .62a1 that lowered the spinal barrel count from 4 to 2 and lowered the speed from 300 to 285
  • Rebalanced in .62a1 to have 4 Small phasers instead of 2 Medium phasers.


  • One of the fastest ships in the game.
  • Was supposed to be a Cruiser but was accidentally added to Destroyer class, and it is now classified as a Destroyer.
  • Named after the extinct animal, the Saber Tooth tiger.
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