Limited Ship

This ship is limited and can only be acquired through special means.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Sanguine is a powerful Fighter.



The Sanguine is a large and powerful Fighter with a well-decorated interior, currently only found in the Sakala. It is essentially a Chimera without a warp drive.


  • Very high firepower for a Fighter.
  • High health for a Fighter.
  • Lots of Turrets.
  • No blind spots.


  • Slow for a Fighter.
  • Poor maneuverability, especially for a fighter.
  • Large for a fighter, easy to hit.
  • Lacks spinal weapons.
  • No warp drive


  • Can be used to support a fleet, but can't hold its own in a fight.
  • Good against Frigates or other Fighters smaller than it, but is unable to combat larger ships on its own.
  • Use in swarms and with other Chimera´s to create a powerful force.


  • Only spawns in the Sakala.
  • In order to undock from the Sakala's hangar, it needs to drop downwards.
  • The ship does not change color to indicate your team as all others do, it always remains a glowing golden.
  • There is a ladder on the side of the ship that is necessary to board it in the hangar.
  • Received a nerf of health and shields.
    Sanguine hangar

    A sanguine in the hangar of a Sakala

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