The Scimitar is a Destroyer Class ship commonly used as an interceptor against large targets.



The exterior of Scimitar features three jets, two elongated wings, four phasers and some cannon barrels. The health pool is equal with 600 hull and 600 shield.


  • Decent spinal firepower.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Balanced shields and hull.
  • A great choice for beginners.
  • Hard to hit.
  • Great for distracting bases while doing considerable damage to the base.
  • Both energy and kinetic weaponry. (Energy does more damage to shields and kinetic does more damage to hull.)


  • Lacks any form of turrets.
  • Requires good spinal aim to be effective in PvP.
  • A somewhat low amount of total health.


  • Can distract base Turrets fairly well with its speed and size.
  • Great for hit and run.
  • Since it is among the fastest ships in the game, it can be used as a shuttle.
  • Great for wearing down larger ships if you can stay in their blind spot.

Version History

  • Its description received a minor rewrite between .46 -.48.


  • The ship features six cannon barrels but only fires two.
  • It could get a Level 1 Starbase down to 600 shields if used in a suicidal run.
  • A Scimitar is actually a sword that came from the Persian empire.
  • The Scimitar closely resembles some ships in the Galaxy on Fire game series
  • Niari and Berger are weapons companies from Galaxy of Fire too.
  • One of the most oddly shaped ships in game.
  • Looks like a covenant's plasma sword from Halo.
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