Limited Ship

This ship is limited and can only be acquired through special means.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Spiderblade is a cheap limited edition ship from the Halloween Event 2017.



The Spiderblade is a versatile Frigate with many great abilities of it's own, much like it's original the Starblade.


  • The Torpedoes do good damage.
  • Phasers have a very high rate of fire.
  • Can easily aim at large ships.
  • Cheap.
  • Has twice the amount of shields the current Starblade has.
  • It has Small Phasers compared to the Starblade's Tiny Phasers.


  • Low health.
  • No Turrets.
  • Phasers deal low damage.
  • Slow for a Frigate.
  • Slow turn speed.
  • Once it is destroyed it will be lost FOREVER.
  • Many players will want to destroy you since it's a Limited Halloween ship.


  • Move at full speed to avoid getting hit as much as possible.
  • Great for tormenting large ships, as it can dish out a lot of damage by sticking to blind spots and avoiding fire. 
  • Treat this like a trophy; Do not ever use it or spawn it. Only spawn it to show off to others. If you do spawn it, try to spawn it at the Mega Base so it can't be damaged. 


  • The Spiderblade is a Starblade remodel that costs twice as much as the original ship.
  • You sit atop the spider while driving.
  • The Torpedoes are held in the spider's web.
  • One of the Limited Halloween 2017 Event Ships.
  • One of the rarest ships to see in game.
  • The cheapest purchasable Event Ship so far.
  • Less than 50 are left. (Most likely less than 20 left in normal Galaxy)
  • If you see it in normal Galaxy, consider yourself very lucky.
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