This page details faction-generated Starbases. For a general list of all starbase structures found in Galaxy, go to the Starbase Category page.


Starbase Menu2

The current Starbase Menu

Starbase(s) are the center of operations for player factions and serve as a spawn point for the players in every faction. Starbases are crucial for factions, as they are the places where ore can be dumped, sold, and bought.

Starbases also serve as safe houses for players as a place to dock and despawn their Ships. When a Starbase is destroyed, the faction it belongs to is also destroyed, unless the faction owns other bases or Planets. The Starbase generates credits based on the amount of power and territory it holds. At the start of the game, it has around 70 credits, or 0 in Arcade. Starbases are stationary and are assigned a random position on the map when their faction is created. All factions and Starbases are color coded. When you walk near the center of the Starbase, you are greeted with the Starbase menu, from which you can open the ship menu, buy and sell items, access a menu to teleport to other bases, loan credits (which isn't available in Arcade mode), change factions, and open tutorials. Faction leaders also have additional controls over certain aspects of their Starbases. Even though the Starbase may seem safe, ships docked there may still be damaged. This doesn't apply to the Mega Base, which has docking immunity. The Starbase has an explosive radius of 100.

Starbase Levels

A Starbase can be one of 4 levels. Higher levels increase the stats and capabilities of the Starbase. Increasing the Starbase level also allows higher classes of ships to be spawned. Please note that the player must also have a certain amount of loyalty to spawn more powerful ships.

Level One

A newly-created faction will start off with a level one Starbase. At this level, the Starbase has three docking arms and can only house four players. The Starbase is armed with one Base Laser and one Base Railgun, as well as a Gatling Laser and Gatling Cannon on the A2 Arm. A level one Starbase has 5000 shield health and 6000 hull health.

Level Two

This is the second level for a Starbase. The Starbase must have 3000 base credits and the upgrade can only be performed by the leader of the faction. Level two Starbases gain three more docking ports, bringing the total to six. They can house a maximum of six players. This upgrade also brings a second set of Gatling turrets on the B2 Arm. A level two Starbase has 6000 shield health and 7000 hull health.

This Starbase level enables the spawning of Battleships, Dreadnoughts and Carriers.

Level Three

This used to be the last upgrade level for a Starbase. The Starbase must have 6000 base credits to be upgraded. Level three Starbases gain another three docking ports and can house up to eight players. This upgrade also adds regenerating Fury fighters to the hangar below the central room. Additionally, two more Gatling turrets are added on the C2 Arm. A level three Starbase has 7000 shield health and 8000 hull health.

This Starbase level enables the spawning of Prototypes.

Level Four

As of version .61f, Starbases can be upgraded to level four. This final upgrade level requires 12000 base credits and adds another 1000 health to both stats, bringing the total up to 8000 shield health and 9000 hull health. This upgrade also adds a final set of three docking ports, bringing the total to a maximum of twelve. Additionally, the D2 Arm gains another set of Gatlings, bringing the base turret total to ten.

Making a Starbase Wealthy

Rich Starbases can keep up with the Economy and quickly level up. Starbases usually struggle to stay above 9000 base credits, so if your Starbase can consistently stay above this mark, it may be considered "rich". There are several different ways to make a Starbase wealthy.

Cash Transfer

The method of credits being transferred from other bases, including the Mega Base, to your own Starbase to increase the Starbase credits.

  • This does not require a Freighter, but it is highly recommended. The freighter buys as much ore as possible from Starbase they look to make credits in the process before selling to other bases for more expensive or for the same price. This way, the only one losing money is the base being sold the ore. Starbases can make over 15k in a single trip. The disadvantages are that ships transferring ore are at risk of being attacked during a war and that the person buying the ore to begin with has to have a decent amount of credits, and bases the ore is being sold to can go bankrupt.

Orange Restrictions

This strategy is common throughout the world of Galaxy, not to mention easy

  • This strategy may not make a Starbase rich, but it can help save money. The leader simply places selling restrictions on all of the ore while still allowing people to buy from the Starbase. This helps to stop Freighters from coming and selling the base into bankruptcy. This, however, will not stop miners from dumping ore at the Starbase.


This strategy works exactly as it sounds: money loans.

  • Simply making a loan to the base can help keep the money up. This can be done by opening the menu once in the base and giving a loan. This gives 1k credits to the base. These credits come from the player's own credits. After making a loan the base will pay back very slowly until it pays the full amount...and more. The player making the loan charges interest and so gets paid more than they originally loaned. The disadvantages of this strategy is that the player must stay online and in that faction for the loans to continue to pay back. If the Starbase is destroyed before the loan is paid back then the player will not continue to receive money. Disconnecting is a large problem for people who make loans. Most players don't use this strategy because the Starbase could be destroyed and you could lose most of your credits.


  • Some Dreadnoughts and Carriers have more health and firepower than lower-level Starbases.
  • Level 1 Starbase can be used to quickly despawn your ship by jumping on the roof of it, however, this is not possible in levels 2, 3, and 4.
  • When a base gets destroyed, 15% of the materials housed in the Starbase are left as its wreckage which may be looted.
  • Was resized in .61h, but it was later reverted due to bugs and other issues.
  • When a Starbase is exploding, the alarm is a nuclear siren sound.
Level 1 starbase

Classic Level 1 Starbase Model

Level 3 starbase

Classic Level 3 Starbase Model

Level 2 starbase

Classic Level 2 Starbase Model

  • The pictures below show the old turret positioning and starbase design before the latest remodel.
Level 1 Starbase Turrets

Level 1 Starbase Turrets

Level 3 Starbase Turrets

Level 3 & 4 Starbase Turrets

Level 2 Starbase Turrets

Level 2 Starbase Turrets