Limited Ship

This ship is limited and can only be acquired through special means.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The United States of Razor is a limited edition remodel of the old Razor Wing for the President's Day Event.



The United States of Razor is quite known for its ability to take on huge ships, making it good for Pirating and Starbase defense. The United States Of Razor is a reskin of the old Razor Wing. This ship was only on sale for 1 day, making it extremely rare.


  • Can easily take out a Dreadnought if the pilot is skilled enough.
  • Giant cargo hold.
  • Very patriotic.
  • Is swag.


  • Low health.
  • No Turrets making it weak to small ships.
  • Slow acceleration.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Slow turn speed. 
  • You can't get it back if you lose it.
  • Very expensive.
  • Guzzles lots of Oil.


  • You can shoot bigger ships with its ridiculously powerful Spinal weapons.
  • Slow for its class, and it doesn't have as much health as many other Battlecruisers, but it's more than makes up for it with its devastating firepower.
  • When you kill a Freighter (or any ship) with this, you can loot it on the spot instead of having to switch ships, as it has an extremely large cargo hold.
  • Treat this as a trophy, never use it and only spawn it to show off to players.
  • Similar to the Carvainir, as it's massive cargo hold allows it for use as an armed freighter.

 Version History


  • This ship plays Music when spawned.
  • Classified as a Battleship on the map when you spawn it.
  • This ship had the highest cargo hold of any combat ship before the Dreadnought and Carrier rebalance.
  • This ship has about 13x the cargo hold of the Razor Wing, essentially making this ship a backup freighter if needed.
  • This ship has 500 more Shields and 600 more Hull than the Razor Wing.
  • Most expensive battleship ever sold.
  • One of the first remodeled, limited event ships to cost more than 2x the value of the original ship (currently about 10x-12x the price of the Razor Wing).
  • This ship is one of the limited event ships available for only one day (alongside the Festive Wasp, the Coal Wasp, and the 2018 Ship [Raffle Ship on Discord]).
  • One of the only few ships that can play Music when it spawns in.
  • Uses the colors of the American flag.
    • Has American flags on it.
  • Is the only event ship "reskin" to have a different class than the original ship it was based off (it's a Battleship, yet the Razor Wing is just a Battlecruiser).
  • The Razor Wing lost 4 of it's Spinals while this ship kept them.
  • This ship does not have the famous 'wing' that the Razor Wing has, probably due to the lack of 'wing' in the name.
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