The Warehouse is where all materials for building ships are stored. Ships can be built at any outpost, but can only be built using materials in the Warehouse. Though the contents of the Warehouse can be seen in any location, ores can only be added to or removed from the Warehouse while players are inside of the Mega Base. Materials can be put in the Warehouse by either:

A) Directly buying them from the Mega Base into your Warehouse


B) Using a trade ship to transport materials from your home base or wrecks to the Mega Base and transferring the items directly from the ship to your Warehouse.

Once the correct amount of materials is in the Warehouse, ships can be purchased, as long as you can also pay the up-front manufacturing fee.

Warehouses are upgradeable, with each level increasing the total storage available in your Warehouse by 2500. All Dreadnoughts require a level 15-21 Warehouse to create. Some Carriers, such as the Rhino, require a level 13 Warehouse. Battleships require a level 4-7 level Warehouse. Any other ships usually require a level 1-7 warehouse.

The "New Player" protection in Galaxy is directly dependent on Warehouse levels. A player is titled as a "New Player" if they have a level one Warehouse. If a player has this protection, you cannot attack any of their Miner or Freighter-class ships. Once a "New Player's" Warehouse is upgraded to level two, all of their ships become vulnerable to player attacks.

Prior to the Warehouse update, ships were built using materials deposited in your own Starbase. All of the ore that miners brought in were stored in a base's "Cargo hold," as it were. It was almost impossible to get a Dreadnought unless you locked a faction and played for 3+ hours in order to collect that much ore uninterrupted, not to mention the considerable manufacturing cost of making such large ships back then. Because ores were not purchased, players essentially had to pay the full price in their own credits in one straight purchase, rather than the way warehouses let players gradually collect and pay for ore for ships.

Level Capacity Price
Level 1 1000 Free
Level 2 2000 $2,000
Level 3 3000 $4,000
Level 4 4000 $6,000
Level 5 5500 $8,000
Level 6 7000 $10,000
Level 7 8500 $12,500
Level 8 10500 $15,000
Level 9 12500 $17,500
Level 10 14500 $20,000
Level 11 17500 $23,000
Level 12 20000 $26,000
Level 13 22500 $30,000
Level 14 25500 $35,000
Level 15 28500 $40,000
Level 16 32000 $45,000
Level 17 36000 $50,000
Level 18 40000 $60,000
Level 19 44000 $70,000
Level 20 48000 $80,000
Level 21 52000 $90,000
Level 22 58000 $100,000
Level 23 64000 $110,000
Level 24 68000 $120,000
Level 25 72000 $130,000
Level 26 80000 $150,000
Level 27 90000 $175,000
Level 28 100000 $200,000
Level 29 110000 $225,000
Level 30(Max) 120000 $250,000
Warehouse example photos2


  • The warehouse costs $2,104,000 credits to max out.
  • It is assumed that the Warehouse was created to stop players from stealing other players' hard earned ores.
  • In update version .53d, the Warehouse received a massive nerf.


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